Privacy Policy


This site expressly and strictly limits its membership to adults. All persons under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from accessing or viewing the contents of this site.

Personal Information While you use this website personal information of yours may be either collected by us or provided by you. Personal information includes any information by which you can be identified and which relates to you as an identifiable individual such as your name, physical and postal addresses, credit or debit card number, e-mail address, sex, age and internet address of the domain from which you are visiting. For more clarity on what personal information we collect and store - please see the GDPR section below.

Cookies We use "cookies" to recognize you when you visit our site, to customize our web pages for you, and to help improve navigation. It is perfectly normal, in fact we would propose that there is not a single web site in common use today that doesn't use cookies. Things just don't work well without them. The purpose of "cookies" is to enhance your current and future visits to our website. You can set your browser to notify you if "cookies" are to be transferred or to reject "cookies" but this may prevent your use of some of our web pages.

Use of Personal Information We and possibly other companies within our group use your personal information in the ordinary course of our business to provide you with our services and to improve our service to you by analysing it for trends. Should you wish, you can deregister yourself from our service at any time and thereafter we will not use your personal information. Please note as detailed in the GDPR section below, de-registering or "deleting" your acccount removes your information from public display and stops us using it for any analysis or email but does not remove it entirely from our systems. We discuss this more in the "When is your data deleted" section close to the bottom of this privacy policy. We strongly advise you refer to this section so you are informed about your right to be forgotten and how to excerise that right.

Disclosure of Personal Information We are not in the business of selling personal information and therefore we will not disclose your personal information to anyone except as provided in this policy. We may for marketing purposes disclose aggregate statistics (information about the user population in general terms) about your personal information to our advertisers or business partners. It may be necessary for us to disclose personal information to suppliers, affiliates or agents (for example in order to deliver products to you which you have bought) in order to provide you with our services. Obviously we transmit and therefore disclose credit or debit card numbers to the relevant credit card company for the processing of orders. We do not store credit or debit card numbers. If we sell or transfer our business to a third party purchaser we may transfer your personal information provided the purchaser undertakes to use your personal information in accordance with this policy. We will obviously need to disclose personal information to employees of ours who require such information to do their jobs. There may be situations where the law requires us to disclose your personal information. In all other situations we will not disclose your personal information without giving you notice thereof and an opportunity to indicate that your personal information should not be disclosed.

Security of Personal Information Whilst we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal information we take all reasonable steps or measures to keep it secure by following security policies and rules. Our server is housed in a physically protected and secure environment and can only be accessed by authorised personnel. We back-up all your personal information on a regular basis.

International law is very complex, and we do not know the specific laws that may apply to you where you live. We operate under strict compliance with all local laws, and urge you access our site only if you feel that you are in compliance with yours. We have designed all services to protect customer privacy and confidentiality.


GDPR Gives gives people in the EU far more control over how their data is stored and used. We've updated our Privacy Policy to take into account the requirements of the GDPR.

Clarity: We've provided additional details about the information we collect as well as how we use that information. We’ve also explained your choices and the control you have over your information.

Access: We have now updated our privacy policy to incorporate requirements regarding GDPR. Whilst we do not always permanently delete your data when you leave you now have the option to request this and the ability to access our records of the information that we hold while you are an active member. You may do this by emailing the Data Protection officer at contact us.

What data don't we hold? We have always tried to hold as little data as possible for our members, we strongly believe in holding the bare minimum required for the services we provide to operate.

We DON'T hold any Names, Addresses, Phone numbers or Credit card information for any of our members.

What data do we hold? In order to provide services the minimum information that we need to use and process is as follows.

  • Your registered e-mail address, for your chosen account notifications, and to facilitate password recovery if you need to.
  • Your IP address
  • Your date of birth - if you have provided it to us (used to select matches for you in your required age range).
  • Any public data that you have chosen to enter onto the site, examples of this include profile text, interests, body statistics (height, weight, etc) and site content such as photos and videos and site text such as status updates, comments, photo titles, forum and blog posts. All this information will remain on the site unless you specifically request us to remove it. To do this, please send an email with your username to Contact us section.


Email preferences We require a valid e-mail address to set up your account and send you any notifications. Your e-mail address is never shared with any third party companies, and you are free to modify your email communication preferences at any time under your account settings.

When is your data deleted? We DO NOT by default delete all your data on our systems when you 'delete' your account. We in fact remove your public data (such as but not limited to, photos, videos, comments, status updates, blog posts, profile descriptions & interests) from display on the website. Similar to other social networks, we retain this information as we commonly have requests from users that they wish to return to the site. GDPR provides you the user with the "Right to be forgotten" which means that we need to remove ALL the data that you have provided during the course of your usage of this site. We do not programatically do this, but on request our Data Protection Officer will do this manually. To request that we remove all Data you have provided to us, please send an email with your username to contact us section.

You are also free to review, edit, change or delete any of your public data on the site at any time by updating your profile text, blogs, forum posts, etc.

Special Note Regarding Photos & Videos While we are not required to do so, we want to take this opportunity to highlight to you that posting photographs and videos onto sites such this on the internet means that you effectively lose control of the image. Yes, we will delete it/them from our servers upon your request by the procedure mentioned in the above paragraph, as required by law in the EU, but we can not control the possibly hundreds, thousands or perhaps millions of copies that may have been created by people copying and or re-posting the image/video elsewhere. THE IMPORTANT THING HERE is do NOT post any image or video that you would not be comfortable being in places that are not in your control. In our terms and conditions of use, which by using the site you are in agreeance with, we have always clearly stated that we also may use images and video for promotional/marketing purposes, and our affiliates may do so also. We can not remove images/videos that may have been used for marketing in the same way we can not remove images that have been copied and possibly re-posted by other users. If in doubt - do not post the image/video.