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I didn't get my Activation Email, what can I do?

You can re-request an activation email, simply go to this page and do so. If after that you still haven't received it there is normally one quick answer to this - AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail (or similar). AOL, Hotmail & some other providers treat email from us as spam - so just disable your spam blocker or check your spam folder for our activation email.Dont forget, If you want to re-send your activation email, then all you need to do is fill in this form, using the same account name.

Why can't I log in?

The most common reason for not being able to login is that cookies are not working.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that a web site requests your browser to remember, usually by storing on your computer. Each web site uses a separate cookie. The data stored in a site cookie can be requested back when you visit other pages on the site.This site stores a unique ID value in the cookie so it can check that you are logged in as you move from page to page. Nothing else is stored in our cookie.Using cookies does not pose a security risk.Your browser must have cookies enabled (this is the default setting) and you should not be blocking cookies with any firewall software you may be running.

Why do I not see all the pics I have uploaded?

Photo uploads are moderated and thus there are a few reasons why you may not see the pics you have uploaded. These reasons are:They may contain inappropriate materialsThere may be too many with the same subject (too much repetition)They may be of poor quality

Can I delete my pictures?


Why can't I see all the photos I've uploaded?

Please make sure you try with any internet security programs such as Norton Internet Security or Zone alarm turned off.

I want to contact you, how do I do this?

Please make a support request by contact us.

Membership:What is membership for, do I need it?

Membership of allows you to see photos & protect your user name, so people you correspond with will know that it is you they are dealing with. Membership is required to do most things on the site.

Premium Membership:What is Premium Membership?

Premium Membership has been introduced for many reasons. The first is to offer another way for you to support this site, so we can continue to provide this site for free to the vast majority of users. You can view ALL the great videos that our users have uploaded. Fourth, you can manage your uploaded photos with our photo manager.

How Much is it?

We have deliberately made the cost for premium membership extremely affordable, starting at only $3/ Per Week!

How do I get Premium Membership?

The first step is to register as a member of from the members page. When you activate your account, you will see a section that talks about upgrading your membership. You will then be able to choose the length of your premium membership and the payment method. If you are already a standard member, you may upgrade to Premium Membership after you login, on the Your Account page.

Is this site just becoming another Pay Site?

No. As we have continually stated we will not be removing any existing functionality for non paying users. We will simply be adding extra functionality to reward those that support us either by donations that were prior to the introduction of Premium Membership, or by upgrading to premium membership.

How do I make Videos to send??

Most digital still cameras now capture movie files as well! Once you have filmed your movie - download it to your PC as you would your still images. You will find the movie has a file suffix such as AVI (Earlier Canons) or MPG (Sonys) or maybe even .MOV (later Canons). It doesn't matter what the suffix is - just upload it here and we will convert it to something that everyone can view easily.